6 Feb 2015

Have You Ever Heard Of Irlen Syndrome Before?

You know the old saying about how it is really important to learn something new every day for continual personal growth?

Well, I have been speaking with the newest member of BookPals Business XLerator over the past couple of days and have heard about a condition that I have never heard of before which is absolutely fascinating. 

The condition is called Irlen Syndrome

Maria DeIonno runs a business in South Australia called Dyslexia And Reading Solutions and I am in the process of getting her on the BookPals Business Sanity podcast to talk about this much misunderstood topic. 

While we have been speaking, Maria has informed me about an upcoming conference which is being held in Adelaide South Australia in April 2015 where the discussion is based around a condition loosely related to Dyslexia called Irlen Syndrome

I know if I start trying to explain what Irlen Syndrome is I'll muck it up, so here is a link to the General Information Booklet that Maria has provided me on this condition - have a read of it because after I did, I immediately thought of three people I know who may benefit by knowing about this condition - and attending the conference. 

Thanks so much for providing this information Maria and - as a total aside - this is a wonderful example of the types of discussions that are going on inside BookPals Business XLerator, so if you are looking for somewhere that is focussing on information that can help you and people you know - not simply a place where people "flog their wares" - perhaps the XLerator Community is worth checking out.

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