17 Feb 2015

What's The Link Between A 1979 Gang War Movie And Business Today?

I watched a movie the other night that I had not seen in 30 years and there was a comment made in it that really made me think about running a small business today.

The movie is called The Warriors and is based around a gang of the same name that end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and has everyone from the police to every other gang in the city of New York tracking them down because they are falsely accused of killing the leader of the biggest gang in the city.

If you get the chance, check the movie out - it really is a "fun watch" that ends with a fantastic song called In The City by Joe Walsh of The Eagles fame, but I digress - let me tell you why this movie has parallels to running a small business.

At the beginning of the movie all the gangs of New York are called to a meeting by a guy called Cyrus who is the leader of the biggest gang in the city called the Gramercy Riffs.

Cyrus has come up with this plan of taking over New York by getting all the gangs to band together and form a united front against the police because the gang numbers far outweigh the number of "cops" in the city.

During his speech to all the gangs, Cyrus makes a statement that I think is so relevant to running a small business today - let me share part of his speech with you (I'm paraphrasing) -

"For too long we have fought for our own little piece of ground - our little piece of turf - that's crap brothers".

Have a think about this statement in the context of running your own business -

Do you have a business nearby who you currently class as a "competitor" that you could actually form a joint partnership with?

Do you try and place yourself "above" businesses in the same market as you when you could be collaborating with these same businesses for a larger piece of the business "pie"?

Does forming a strategic alliance with someone who covers your "shortcomings" in business mean that both of you could dominate your chosen market?

There's an old saying - "50% of something is always better than 100% of nothing" - think about this saying the next time you are trying to "out do" your competitors - the 50% you get from forming strong partnerships with other business owners could end up much - much - more than the 100% you get when you try and do everything yourself.

Why am I making a point of this?

This is exactly why the BookPals Business XLerator Community has been created - so that business owners can meet, learn about each other's strengths and weaknesses and combine their "little pieces of turf" so that everyone gets a "piece of the business pie".

Join us in XLerator - and let's form our own powerful "gang"!!!

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