22 Feb 2015

Isn't It Fascinating Where Your Business Ideas Come From?

As business owners and entrepreneurs doesn't it "do your head in" at times about where the inspiration for new business ideas come from?!!

I was thinking about my Dad today and something he said to me a long time ago (cancer "got him" at the ripe old age of 62 back in 1992) and it gave me a wonderful idea for the BookPals Business XLerator community.

Dad was a small business owner - he ran his own hairdressing business for around 40 years - and one day I asked him how was it that he seemed to always be busy when I had never seen him advertise his hairdressing services - EVER!!

There was never an advertisement taken out in the local paper (remember he started his business back in the 1950's) - he didn't have his business advertised in the phone book - in fact the only "advertising" I ever saw him do was have the words "Hairdresser" sign written across the top of the window on the front of his shop!!

When I asked him this question he just smiled and said "Mate, I'm really technical about this advertising "stuff" - I make sure I keep up to date with all the latest styles in hairdressing so that when I cut people's hair they get the best haircut ever - then they tell all their friends - who tell all their friends - who tell all their friends - and they all come to me to get their haircut!!!!"

Just to give you an idea of how good this strategy was, 6 years after Dad died, Mum - who kept the shop's phone number after the shop was sold (we lived behind the shop) - was still getting phone calls from travelling salesmen who had not been around our area for years because they had been travelling to different parts of Australia and were now "back in town" and wanted to get their hair cut by Dad - only to find that his shop was shut.

Here's the best part - when they were told that Dad had died, some would actually ask Mum if she could recommend a hairdresser that was still around to cut their hair - this was how well regarded Dad's service was - if his wife recommended someone else after he had died then they must be good!!!

Anyway, for some reason this conversation I had with Dad all those years ago "got into my head" today and I then started thinking about this conversation in the context of BookPals Business XLerator.

If you've been inside XLerator you will know that there's a section called Tell Us About You And Your Business where you can let all the other XLerator members know what you do and how good you do it.

We have now created a new area called Xlerator Member Testimonials where you can rave about the products and/or services of other XLerator members if you have had a wonderful experience with products or services that have been provided by another XLerator member.

I don't know about you, but I tend to put a good deal more credence on the word of customers when they are bragging about a business, so if you have a great experience with another XLerator member, let us all know about it in the XLerator Member Testimonial's section of the community.

If you're already an Xlerator member who has testimonials about how good your product or service is up on your website, upload a copy of these testimonials into XLerator so that other members can find out how good you are.

Hey, what about asking the people who provided you with the testimonial to come in to Xlerator themselves - perhaps there are others in here that can also provide them with a quality product or service.

Either way, get your testimonials into XLerator so that we can find out more about you and help drive your business forward.

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