31 Mar 2015

What Else Can I Do To Find More Bookkeeping Customers?

Are you one of those bookkeepers that has tried everything you can possibly think of to get more customers - but nothing seems to be working?

You tell everyone about the quality of your bookkeeping services and the phone doesn't ring.

You spend a fortune on your website and the phone doesn't ring.

You constantly post information about your services on Facebook and Twitter and the phone doesn't ring.

What if I told you that the problem is not what you're doing, but where you're doing it?

We all know that the internet is by far the most cost effective place to market your business these days, but here's the thing - if you are not talking about your business in exactly the place where people are thinking about your services then all you are is more "noise in the crowd". 

There is now an area inside XLerator specifically set up for bookkeepers to tell everyone about their services.

Keep in mind that the XLerator community is already focussed on providing business owners with a place where they can get away from the noise of all the social media platforms - now add to this a place specifically created for bookkeepers to tell all these business owners how they can assist them with their bookkeeping requirements - can you think of a more "laser focussed" place to be advertising your bookkeeping expertise?

Stop trying to be heard above the crowd and get your name on The Bookkeeper's Corner inside XLerator - the business owners there really are looking for help from you.

29 Mar 2015

There Are Some Weeks That You Simply Enjoy Looking Back On!!

Have you ever had one of those weeks that you look back on and the only word that goes through your head is "YUM"?!!!! LOL

Well, this week was one of those weeks here at BookPals!!!

We had our fortnightly product development meeting early in the week and the BookPals software is coming along wonderfully.

What I mean by this is that the product is really starting to take shape and to see something that has been a major part of your thinking for almost 5 years now starting to take "form" leaves a really nice taste in your mouth.

If you remember back to when the BookPals project first started you would remember that we gave you a promise that BookPals would be the easiest business bookkeeping solution you have ever seen - well, the product itself has become much (much!!) more than that, but when we were reviewing the product this week it was so nice to see that we are upholding our promise to you - you really will be able to do your bookkeeping so much more simply than the options currently on the market.

The number of people who are joining the BookPals Business XLerator Community was also a wonderful sight to see.

In the short time it has been opened, 60 people have already decided to become XLerator members and the discussions that are beginning to take place in there are really helping business owners better understand the dynamics of running a small business.

It is so good to see that we are exceeding our promise of making your business life just that little bit easier, so why don't you join us - all it costs you is a few moments of your time and for this small investment you will back ten-fold worth of value.

Come in and join us - you won't regret it.

24 Mar 2015

Pull Your Diaries Out To See If You Can Do This Training

If you're based in South Australia - and this "Internet Marketing" stuff completely baffles you - I have just heard of some training that you have to attend.

The Adelaide Hills Business Centre is conducting what it calls the Hello Program where you will be shown the secrets to standing out and becoming more noticeable online.

We all like to think that what we are doing online makes us more noticeable and drives more traffic to our website, but are you certain that your efforts are working for you in the way you want them to?

That's why programs like the Hello Program are so important - because they give you greater clarity on whether or not what you are doing is providing you with positive results - so check out the Hello Program now and see if it can help you.

14 Mar 2015

What Makes Your Copy Exceptional?

Are you one of those business owners who knows that they should be talking about their product or service more online, but you just don't think you have the "stuff" needed to write online copy that will attract more customers to your business?

What if I told you that effective copywriting - just like everything else you had to learn in your business - is a skill you can learn and even if this is something that you don't want to learn, there are also people out there who can provide you with this service?

Well, today you are going to meet someone who can teach you how to create effective copy - or provide you with effective copy if writing is not your "thing" - because on this episode of BookPals Business Sanity you meet Alison Lukin of AlisonLukin.com and MarketLikeARockStar.com.

Alison specializes in providing the type of copy you need to get heard above the "noise" out there on the Internet so that more potential customers will find out about your product or service and the information she provides in this discussion can only be described as online marketing "gold".

Grab a pen and paper and start noting down all the new ideas you can use to drive your business forward after listening to this episode of BookPals Business Sanity.

12 Mar 2015

The People You Meet When You Least Expect It

It will never cease to amaze me on how the Internet allows us to connect with people that we would never imagine we would meet.

Let me give you an example - a couple of months ago I connected with a guy on LinkedIn called Warren Rodwell.

When we first connected my interest was quite piqued because Warren's LinkedIn bio stated that he was an "International Adventurer/Speaker", so I was most interested in finding out more about him and his adventures because I am a firm believer that the more you learn about different cultures and the experiences people have had around the world, the more opportunities present themselves to you.

After some brief exchanges on LinkedIn I asked Warren if he would be interested in joining BookPals Business XLerator because I suspected that he would be able to provide other XLerator members with a wealth of knowledge from his experiences.

How right I was!!!!

When Warren first joined XLerator the first thing I noticed was the brief "bio" he provided which read -

The Longest Held Australian Captive Outside War

The "Old Soldier" in me immediately "came out of retirement!!" (I was in the Army back in the 1980's) when I read this and I just had to know more.

Well, I must say that Warren's story is the "stuff" that Hollywood movies are made of - if you check out the image at the top of this post you will start to get an idea of what happened to Warren and as far as I'm concerned, to say what he went through is awe inspiring is an understatement.

I have to say, though, that there is much - MUCH - more to Warren than this one event and since he has been inside XLerator we have been having a wonderful discussion on things like effective communication, interacting with others and numerous other "business gems" that can really help you drive your business forward.

The information Warren has been sharing with the XLerator community has been so good that I asked him to have a chat with me on BookPals Business Sanity - our chat is still some weeks off yet, but I must say that when you listen to it you will gain a much better appreciation of what you should be thinking about if you decide to expand your business into overseas regions.

While you're waiting for this episode to launch, come into the XLerator community, check out the discussion I am having with Warren and say hi to him - he is an absolute pleasure to interact with and he has a wealth of knowledge that I know will help you and your business.

Come into XLerator and meet Warren - you won't be disappointed.

4 Mar 2015

The Education You Need - After The Education You Need!!!!

Have a think back to the "good old days" when you were studying to do what it is that you do.

It could be when you were going to university or college to get qualified in your chosen profession.

It could be while you were at trade school learning your chosen trade.

Heck, it could simply be the "on the job" training you received in a retail store or somewhere like that if you decided all those years ago that this was what you wanted to do. 

Ok - do you remember everything you were taught back then? 

Now - fast forward to today where you are now running your own business - how much of what you were taught back then has really helped you with running your own business now?

I'm not talking about the "working on the tools" part here - I'm talking about things like - 

  • Business setup
  • Hiring of good staff
  • Marketing your business
  • Knowing your tax obligations

and all those other things that you need to know to run a successful business.

You weren't taught too much about these things back then, were you?

That's why your "real" business education never truly begins until you open up the doors of your very own business and this is a big reason why we asked Ely Delaney of YourMarketingUniversity.com to have a chat with us on BookPals Business Sanity

Ely runs his own "university" where he teaches you how to more effectively market your business online and provides you with some wonderful hints, tips and ideas on how to market your business to greater levels of success. 

Sit back and get your very own PHD in business marketing from this episode of BookPals Business Sanity.