31 Mar 2015

What Else Can I Do To Find More Bookkeeping Customers?

Are you one of those bookkeepers that has tried everything you can possibly think of to get more customers - but nothing seems to be working?

You tell everyone about the quality of your bookkeeping services and the phone doesn't ring.

You spend a fortune on your website and the phone doesn't ring.

You constantly post information about your services on Facebook and Twitter and the phone doesn't ring.

What if I told you that the problem is not what you're doing, but where you're doing it?

We all know that the internet is by far the most cost effective place to market your business these days, but here's the thing - if you are not talking about your business in exactly the place where people are thinking about your services then all you are is more "noise in the crowd". 

There is now an area inside XLerator specifically set up for bookkeepers to tell everyone about their services.

Keep in mind that the XLerator community is already focussed on providing business owners with a place where they can get away from the noise of all the social media platforms - now add to this a place specifically created for bookkeepers to tell all these business owners how they can assist them with their bookkeeping requirements - can you think of a more "laser focussed" place to be advertising your bookkeeping expertise?

Stop trying to be heard above the crowd and get your name on The Bookkeeper's Corner inside XLerator - the business owners there really are looking for help from you.

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