29 Mar 2015

There Are Some Weeks That You Simply Enjoy Looking Back On!!

Have you ever had one of those weeks that you look back on and the only word that goes through your head is "YUM"?!!!! LOL

Well, this week was one of those weeks here at BookPals!!!

We had our fortnightly product development meeting early in the week and the BookPals software is coming along wonderfully.

What I mean by this is that the product is really starting to take shape and to see something that has been a major part of your thinking for almost 5 years now starting to take "form" leaves a really nice taste in your mouth.

If you remember back to when the BookPals project first started you would remember that we gave you a promise that BookPals would be the easiest business bookkeeping solution you have ever seen - well, the product itself has become much (much!!) more than that, but when we were reviewing the product this week it was so nice to see that we are upholding our promise to you - you really will be able to do your bookkeeping so much more simply than the options currently on the market.

The number of people who are joining the BookPals Business XLerator Community was also a wonderful sight to see.

In the short time it has been opened, 60 people have already decided to become XLerator members and the discussions that are beginning to take place in there are really helping business owners better understand the dynamics of running a small business.

It is so good to see that we are exceeding our promise of making your business life just that little bit easier, so why don't you join us - all it costs you is a few moments of your time and for this small investment you will back ten-fold worth of value.

Come in and join us - you won't regret it.

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