29 Apr 2015

I Hope This Post Provides You With A "Light Bulb Moment"

I want to shared with you part of a discussion I was recently involved in because I think it epitomises what the XLerator Community is all about and how it can help you source more clients.

I was approached by a person based overseas who provides bookkeeping services because they are trying to break into the Australian market and provide outsourced bookkeeping services to businesses based here.

The person concerned has been interacting with me online for some time now and by all indications is a really nice and sincere person and because of this I suggested that this person should join our XLerator community because it has been set up for this exact reason - so that business owners can meet with people and form business relationships with a view to sourcing more business.

To give you an understanding of the anxiety this person was going through at the prospect of being able to successfully source clients here in Australia, let me share two sentences of our discussion with you -

Sentence One - "I already know that it is very difficult to convince anyone to directly outsource their bookkeeping to me."

Sentence Two - "Nobody is gonna trust someone sitting 5000 miles away for any type of work."

Keep in mind that this person is already providing outsourced bookkeeping services to businesses based in the UK, but obviously - by the "tone" of this email - they were not confident in having the same success here in Australia.

I want to share part of my reply with you because after sending it I realised just how much the XLerator community can help you source more clients -

"Inside XLerator there is the XLerator Member Testimonials area - you said in your email to me that you already have clients in the UK - ask these clients for written testimonials on how good your services are and upload these testimonials into the XLerator Member Testimonials area of our community so that all the other members can read how good your services are."


"There is another area in XLerator called Shout Outs and this is where you “shout out” or “put the call out” to others in XLerator that your services are there for them to outsource to you - in your Shout Out you might suggest that they read your testimonials in our Testimonial area and they then read about you and find out how good your services are - from your existing customers."

I wanted to share this with you because no matter what kind of business you run I am sure similar thoughts have gone through your mind in the past and I want you to know that there is a place that can help you source more clients.

27 Apr 2015

It's So Important To Be Asking The Right People The Right Questions Isn't It?

Ok - so here's the thing - we're here creating the BookPals product for you so that things like business bookkeeping and business reporting can be easier and more straightforward and the other day I got thinking to myself -

"Are we asking the right people the right questions?"

What I mean by this is we want you - the small business owner - to tell us what you need in BookPals to make this aspect of your business life easier and more straightforward, but are you the actual person doing the bookkeeping in your business? 

I started my own bookkeeping business back in 2006 and since that time I have met more small business owners than I can remember and in the majority of cases, these business owners are "blokes" and their partners (usually their wives) are lumbered with doing the bookkeeping for the business.

I use the word "lumbered" quite deliberately, because the majority of the women that I have met have little to no understanding of double entry accounting principles (and - to be truthful - none of them are the least bit interested in becoming a "pseudo-accountant" either), but are forced to "wing it" with trying to do the bookkeeping until they get to the point where they are sick of trying to work things out and call on people like me to help them out. 

Until now, we have been encouraging business owners to become XLerator members so that they can tell us what they need in our business bookkeeping and reporting solution, but it's about time that their partners - the people who are truly going to benefit from using BookPals - started having their say in what they need to make bookkeeping easier for them. 

So - here's the callout - all you women out there who are stuck with doing the business bookkeeping and are looking for something that will make this most mundane of tasks easier for you - come into XLerator and have your say on what is needed to make the business bookkeeping easier and more straightforward. 

Inside XLerator you will find an area called Small Business Suggestions and this is where we want you - the real small business bookkeepers - to tell us what you need in the BookPals bookkeeping system. 

26 Apr 2015

Why Is This Such A Hard Question To Ask?

You provide a customer with your product or service.

It is provided at the highest quality that you and your business are consistently known for.

Your customer is happy with the product or service that you have provided.

You both agree on the price to be paid for the provision of your product or service.

You send your customer your account for payment which clearly shows your payment terms on it.

The due date for payment arrives - and your customer still has not paid your account.

Why then is it so hard to pick up the phone to ask for payment?

Asking to be paid for your product or service is something that many business owners find quite uncomfortable to do and this is why we asked John Logar of ConsultingUnleashed.com back to BookPals Business Sanity so that he can provide you with the perfect solution to this age old problem in business.

When you hear what John has to say on this subject you will not stop smiling to yourself because the solution is so simple when you think about it.

Get ready to fix any cashflow problems you may have in your business after listening to this episode of BookPals Business Sanity.

24 Apr 2015

Even More Value For Money!!


Those of you who have been listening to the BookPals Business Sanity podcast series you will have already met Kristin Thompson who talked about getting more "bums on seats" for speaking events that you hold.

I received an email from Kristin yesterday to let me know that her Workshopalooza course has just had an extra hour of training added to it to help you "Rock Your Talk" (as Kristin calls it) when you talk about your business or if you are giving an "in person" presentation.

The whole course costs a measly $97.00, so if you need help in learning how to talk about your business more effectively I reckon this is great value for money - and now that there is an extra hour of training added to it, it's now even better!!

Do the Workshopalooza training then let us know what you think of it and how what you learn can help you drive your business forward.

Oh - I nearly forgot - you can get access to more great training just like this directly from the BookPals Resources Page, so why not check it out to see what is there to help you.

22 Apr 2015

Here's A Workshop You Might Want To Attend

We're all on social media, but lets be truthful - how effective are we at managing our social media posts to ensure that we get the best "bang for our buck" when it comes to promoting and marketing our business?

Well, Gordon Kay is holding some Effective Social Media Management workshops at the Adelaide Hills Business Centre at the moment, so if you are based in South Australia (or visiting there in early May) this could be just the training you need to more effectively market your business using social media.

In these workshops you will learn things like better understanding social media jargon (and lets face it, if you can't "talk the talk" how are people reading your social media posts going to be attracted to your product or service?), how to deliver the perfect amount of social content and how to tailor a promotional program to generate more business leads - and isn't that really what we are trying to achieve with our social media posts?

I hope that you can attend Gordon's Social Media Management workshop and if you do, let us know how it helps you better promote your business online.

20 Apr 2015

A Timely Reminder

As you are already aware, we are working like mad on the upcoming BookPals software release and today I received some information from John Judd of Codeboss (our software developer) that I want to share with you because I think it is a timely reminder of what you should be thinking about if your goal is to create a Software As A Service (SaaS) product.

The article is a YouTube presentation by Kissmetrics called Seven Tips to Get Your SaaS More Customers and Greater Market Share.

Many of the tips are not for the "faint of heart" because when you first listen to them they seem quite counter-intuitive to what you may think is an effective strategy in the early days of your SaaS launch, but listen carefully to the explanations provided by the presenter and you'll begin to understand the value in implementing these seven tips.

Thanks John - a really insightful article.

18 Apr 2015

An Example Of Why BookPals Is Being Created

This post is definitely going to be up there with the top "most left of field" posts that I do here on the BookPals blog, but bear with me, because it will make sense by the end of this post!!!! LOL

If you have been following the BookPals rollout for some time now you will know that the whole purpose of BookPals is to help make business owner's lives easier.

The reason we are so focussed on this is quite simple - there are better things in life to be doing than working, so the more you can streamline (or "hand off") processes like business bookkeeping and business reporting the more time you have to do what it is most important in your life.

Anyway, we went to visit relatives interstate last week because their parents - who are my wife's Uncle and Aunty - are out from the U.K. visiting and while there, my Uncle-In-Law (is that a real term?) showed me what I think is a perfect example of what you can do with your extra time once you get rid of all the mundane "back office" chores you have to do by using a product like BookPals.

Mike (my "Uncle-In-Law") is a guitarist who has been playing for decades now (you might know a couple of people he has played with - Ozzie Osbourne and Tony Iommi from Black Sabbath as an example?!!) and he has brought out a Gibson Les Paul Classic 1960 Reissue Electric Guitar with him that he has decided to sell while in Australia, simply because this guitar is too good to be gathering dust in a cupboard and Mike does not have the time to play it as much as it deserves.

While I was over there we talked about this guitar for hours and it really epitomised to me what freeing up time to do the things that you love really means.

If you are a business owner who also loves music, have a look at this guitar and think about what it would mean to you to have more time to play something as beautiful as this - and if you buy it, let us know!!! LOL

5 Apr 2015

The Most Important Thing To Be Monitoring In Your Business

I don't care if you're a butcher, a baker, or a candlestick maker, if you don't agree that the purpose of your business is to generate profit then you will very quickly become a butcher, a baker, or a candlestick maker working for someone else!!! LOL

Sure, we all start our business for a "noble" reason - it may be a lifestyle choice - it may be because we are sick of "working for The Man" - but once we start our own business, the foundation of it's "being" is profit - and there's only one way to monitor the level of your business' profitability

By Understanding The Numbers Within Your Business

And that's why on this episode of BookPals Business Sanity we welcome back Pete Williams of Preneurmarketing.com.

You would remember Pete from a previous podcast episode where he talked about the importance of incorporating health, fitness and wellbeing into the running of your business and in this episode Pete discusses the numbers you need to be monitoring within your business to ensure it remains profitable and provides you with the level of income you need to live the lifestyle you choose to live.

Have pen and paper at the ready as you listen to this episode of BookPals Business Sanity.