27 Apr 2015

It's So Important To Be Asking The Right People The Right Questions Isn't It?

Ok - so here's the thing - we're here creating the BookPals product for you so that things like business bookkeeping and business reporting can be easier and more straightforward and the other day I got thinking to myself -

"Are we asking the right people the right questions?"

What I mean by this is we want you - the small business owner - to tell us what you need in BookPals to make this aspect of your business life easier and more straightforward, but are you the actual person doing the bookkeeping in your business? 

I started my own bookkeeping business back in 2006 and since that time I have met more small business owners than I can remember and in the majority of cases, these business owners are "blokes" and their partners (usually their wives) are lumbered with doing the bookkeeping for the business.

I use the word "lumbered" quite deliberately, because the majority of the women that I have met have little to no understanding of double entry accounting principles (and - to be truthful - none of them are the least bit interested in becoming a "pseudo-accountant" either), but are forced to "wing it" with trying to do the bookkeeping until they get to the point where they are sick of trying to work things out and call on people like me to help them out. 

Until now, we have been encouraging business owners to become XLerator members so that they can tell us what they need in our business bookkeeping and reporting solution, but it's about time that their partners - the people who are truly going to benefit from using BookPals - started having their say in what they need to make bookkeeping easier for them. 

So - here's the callout - all you women out there who are stuck with doing the business bookkeeping and are looking for something that will make this most mundane of tasks easier for you - come into XLerator and have your say on what is needed to make the business bookkeeping easier and more straightforward. 

Inside XLerator you will find an area called Small Business Suggestions and this is where we want you - the real small business bookkeepers - to tell us what you need in the BookPals bookkeeping system. 


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