29 Apr 2015

I Hope This Post Provides You With A "Light Bulb Moment"

I want to shared with you part of a discussion I was recently involved in because I think it epitomises what the XLerator Community is all about and how it can help you source more clients.

I was approached by a person based overseas who provides bookkeeping services because they are trying to break into the Australian market and provide outsourced bookkeeping services to businesses based here.

The person concerned has been interacting with me online for some time now and by all indications is a really nice and sincere person and because of this I suggested that this person should join our XLerator community because it has been set up for this exact reason - so that business owners can meet with people and form business relationships with a view to sourcing more business.

To give you an understanding of the anxiety this person was going through at the prospect of being able to successfully source clients here in Australia, let me share two sentences of our discussion with you -

Sentence One - "I already know that it is very difficult to convince anyone to directly outsource their bookkeeping to me."

Sentence Two - "Nobody is gonna trust someone sitting 5000 miles away for any type of work."

Keep in mind that this person is already providing outsourced bookkeeping services to businesses based in the UK, but obviously - by the "tone" of this email - they were not confident in having the same success here in Australia.

I want to share part of my reply with you because after sending it I realised just how much the XLerator community can help you source more clients -

"Inside XLerator there is the XLerator Member Testimonials area - you said in your email to me that you already have clients in the UK - ask these clients for written testimonials on how good your services are and upload these testimonials into the XLerator Member Testimonials area of our community so that all the other members can read how good your services are."


"There is another area in XLerator called Shout Outs and this is where you “shout out” or “put the call out” to others in XLerator that your services are there for them to outsource to you - in your Shout Out you might suggest that they read your testimonials in our Testimonial area and they then read about you and find out how good your services are - from your existing customers."

I wanted to share this with you because no matter what kind of business you run I am sure similar thoughts have gone through your mind in the past and I want you to know that there is a place that can help you source more clients.

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