22 Apr 2015

Here's A Workshop You Might Want To Attend

We're all on social media, but lets be truthful - how effective are we at managing our social media posts to ensure that we get the best "bang for our buck" when it comes to promoting and marketing our business?

Well, Gordon Kay is holding some Effective Social Media Management workshops at the Adelaide Hills Business Centre at the moment, so if you are based in South Australia (or visiting there in early May) this could be just the training you need to more effectively market your business using social media.

In these workshops you will learn things like better understanding social media jargon (and lets face it, if you can't "talk the talk" how are people reading your social media posts going to be attracted to your product or service?), how to deliver the perfect amount of social content and how to tailor a promotional program to generate more business leads - and isn't that really what we are trying to achieve with our social media posts?

I hope that you can attend Gordon's Social Media Management workshop and if you do, let us know how it helps you better promote your business online.

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