24 Apr 2015

Even More Value For Money!!


Those of you who have been listening to the BookPals Business Sanity podcast series you will have already met Kristin Thompson who talked about getting more "bums on seats" for speaking events that you hold.

I received an email from Kristin yesterday to let me know that her Workshopalooza course has just had an extra hour of training added to it to help you "Rock Your Talk" (as Kristin calls it) when you talk about your business or if you are giving an "in person" presentation.

The whole course costs a measly $97.00, so if you need help in learning how to talk about your business more effectively I reckon this is great value for money - and now that there is an extra hour of training added to it, it's now even better!!

Do the Workshopalooza training then let us know what you think of it and how what you learn can help you drive your business forward.

Oh - I nearly forgot - you can get access to more great training just like this directly from the BookPals Resources Page, so why not check it out to see what is there to help you.

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