21 Jun 2015

Do You Have An Amazon.com Account? Then Grab Hold Of This One Quick Smart!!!

Are you thinking about starting your own business - or perhaps you're in the process of starting your own business - and are you sitting there saying to yourself "How do I get everything done to get this thing going as quickly as possible?"

Well, I read a book recently that is the best book I have read so far to show you what you have to do to get this idea of yours up and running.

The book is called The 7 Day Startup - You Don't Learn Until You Launch and the author of the book is Dan Norris of wpcurve.com.

You will remember Dan from a previous BookPals Business Sanity podcast interview where he explained landing pages and opt-in forms and I was so impressed with his book that after reading it that I contacted him straight away and asked him to come back onto BookPals Business Sanity to have a chat about it with you.

This is one of those discussions that you must listen to if you want to get a really good understanding of what you have to do to launch your own business because it is a real "down in the trenches" discussion about business and product launches and after listening to this discussion and reading Dan's book you'll get a real appreciation of what's ahead for you.

Sit back and thoroughly enjoy this "no nonsense" BookPals Business Sanity discussion.

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