3 Jun 2015

Proof That Long Distance Partnerships Work!!!

Today was a really interesting day because I met someone for the very first time who proved to me that the whole concept of outsourcing non-essential parts of your business really works.

The person I met was an electrician called Frank - and Frank has been one of my bookkeeping customers for three years now.

The reason why this was so interesting was because today was the first time we had ever met!!!

Let me explain - about three years ago I was asked if I could take over looking after Frank's books by a person I was doing bookkeeping for because this person's daughter was Frank's bookkeeper and she was taking maternity leave to have her first baby. 

Of course I said I would help and was given a "handover" of Frank's data by his then bookkeeper, but Frank was not there at the time because he was out "on the tools".

I received a phone call from Frank a day or so after this handover so that he could introduce himself to me and we tried and tried to arrange our schedules so that we could meet one another and it finally happened today - only "today" is three years later!!!!

Don't get me wrong, we speak to one another several times a week, I issue sales invoices for him most weeks and once a month his data is sent through to me, but until today there was never a pressing need to meet each other so it just hadn't happened.

In fact, we hadn't even arranged to meet each other today - we literally "bumped" into each other because I was at a client's address who is a friend of Franks (in fact Frank referred him to me as a customer) and Frank had just dropped by to see this mate of his without even knowing that I would be there!!!

Today really hit home to me the fact that outsourcing really is the way to go because it really is so easy these days for people to stay connected - even when they are never "near" each other - and now that BookPals is almost here the inconvenience of "posting", "couriering" and "faxing" your data to a bookkeeper who may be in a different town, state - or country for that matter - will simply disappear. 

Oh - I nearly forgot - and it was great to (finally) meet you Frank!!! LOL

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