30 Jun 2015

Time For A HUGE Shoutout!!!

Unless you've been hiding under a rock recently you'll know that the BookPals rollout is in "full swing"!!!

Part of the rollout includes an animation that will explain how BookPals allows you to get back to those things that are most important in your lives and to help us with this animation we are using the services of Simon Kneebone of SimonKneebone.com.

To say that we are impressed with the work that Simon has provided is an understatement - we met with him a few weeks ago and spent an hour or so explaining the marketing message that we wanted to convey and we have been most impressed with how quickly Simon "got" what we wanted and then put together a storyboard of animations for our consideration.

If you think that animations could help you and your business with your marketing message, I would highly recommend Simon's services.

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