25 Jul 2015

It Was Always Going To Happen - Wasn't It?

I am certain that many of you are reading this post after connecting with me on LinkedIn because I have found LinkedIn to be a great place to connect with people specifically focussed on business..

In the past, the ability to be able to export your LinkedIn connection's contact details (in particular their email address) into an auto-responder email sequence has been a great way to start putting together a list of people to reach out to and make them aware of your products or services (have any of you received an email from me telling you about XLerator this way before?).

Well - like all the major social media platforms - good old LinkedIn has changed the rules so that it is no longer a simple process of downloading your contact list - now you have to send them a request to do so!!!

How it works is that you have to send LinkedIn a request to get your connection's details and it takes up to 72 hours for them to send it to you - call me a cynic, but do you reckon that very soon they are going to start charging money for the privilege of connecting with people on their platform?!!! 

This "erks" me a bit because it takes the "social" out of "Social Media" and - like all the major social media platforms - it shows that there is nothing "social" about them - these platforms are just a group of people (full disclosure, like all of us!!!) working out ways to make more money. 

I am making you aware of this because if you think that LinkedIn is a place where you will be able to connect with potential customers for free forever I think that what has been done now with exporting their list is going to prove you wrong and I would encourage you to start thinking about alternatives.

20 Jul 2015

How You Turn Passion Into Pay Dirt!!!!

Think back to when you first started your business and take a moment to reflect on why you started your business in the first place.

Was it created as a result of a burning passion you had with an interest in your life?

If it was, you're not alone, because many of us are attracted to the things that we love - or are familiar with - when we decide to start out on our entrepreneurial journey.

The problem is that it doesn't matter how much you know about the "nuts and bolts" of your business, there are aspects of every business that have to be taken care of and you may have neither the knowledge - nor the desire - to attend to these aspects of your business.

So what do you do? 

Well, on today's episode of BookPals Business Sanity you meet someone who found themself in this exact situation, because today you meet Mick Tucker of micksmotorcyclesgawler.com.au.

Mick made a decision to turn a passion he had for the motorcycle industry into something that would generate an income for him and after doing so, he came face to face with the "down in the dirt" realities of what it takes to create and run a successful business.

Mick discusses the realisation of what is involved in starting a business and shares with you the strategies he used to take his business from a "back yard" operation into a thriving success.

Hold onto your seatbelt and get ready for the ride of your life after listening to this episode of BookPals Business Sanity!!!

19 Jul 2015

A Stark Example Of The Tail Wagging The Dog

I have to share with you a conversation that I had with a business owner this weekend because I think it highlights just how people in business can really miss opportunities that are right under their noses!!!

I took my son to one of those play venues yesterday - you know the ones where the kids have all this stuff to climb and jump over and "whack" one another with those rubber staffs and what not?!!!

Anyway, there were about 200 people there - that's right, the place is jam packed - and almost half of the visitors are the parents of the kids playing there.

My son is off running around with all the other kids so I decide to get a coffee - only to find that the only coffee available is in a cheap coffee dispensing machine that you have to drop coins into to buy.

I - as is often the case - have no coins with me (I'm one of those weird people who doesn't see much sense in carrying cash around these days when I have a card that I can pay for things with - do you know anyone similar?!!!), so I ask the staff how am I able to buy a coffee to which they reply "You can't unless you have cash".

Needless to say, I don't get a coffee and sit back down and start listening to the other parents around me who are commenting on the fact that you can't get a coffee unless you have cash.

Before I go on, it's probably a good idea to let you know that I do have some knowledge on the subject of these kid's play centres because about 10 years ago I went very close to buying one (we didn't proceed because the insurance costs on these places is incredible) and while we were completing our business plan to purchase a centre, guess where we identified where the biggest income stream was going to come from?

That's right - food and beverage purchased by the adults!!!

Think about it for a minute - the only way the kids get to these places is when an adult takes them there - the kids run around for 2 hours and occasionally come back for a drink before heading off to play with their mates again and while this is happening, what to do the parents do?

They sit there, chatting to one another!!!

Isn't this the perfect opportunity to sell things like coffee, tea and adult "stuff" to them?

I thought so - and our business plan backed it up - so I spot the owner and decide to go up and have a chat to him about it.

So I go up to this guy - have the usual "chit chat" - then I say to him "Want to know how to double your income in this place?" to which he replies "Sure do" and when I say to him "Think about providing the parents with better eating and drinking options" his reply is -

"Why? The parents aren't our customers - the kids are."

It took every piece of self control I had not to laugh in his face!!!

Here's a couple of questions that I would have loved to have asked him -

Who brings the kids to your place?

Who pays for the kids to get in?

Who sits here for two hours bored stupid while their kids run around (that's right, it doesn't cost anything for the parents to be there - only the kids pay for the privilege!!!)?

There were a couple of other not so pleasant things I would have loved to have said to him as well, but my lad was enjoying himself and I didn't want to be asked to leave, so I politely said "Ok" and walked away shaking my head.

If you are looking for ways to increase the revenue in your business, take a moment to make sure that you are really serving your customer and not people who "appear" to be your customer - you could be leaving a heap of money on the table by not doing so!!!

6 Jul 2015

This Is One Mathematical Formula That You Will Want To Remember

Think back to your days at school where you had to learn all of those boring mathematical formulas - weren't they a drag?!!! LOL

Well, there are some formulas that can help you drive your business to greater levels of success, so grab a pen and paper and get ready to learn one such formula, because in this episode of BookPals Business Sanity you meet Debra Angilletta of anewviewllc.com who will introduce you to the mathematical formula for business success.

Debra teaches business owners how to create the business they want while still being able to live the lifestyle they deserve and she knows what she's talking about when she provides you with her formula for business success because for more than 15 years she worked in the financial capital of the world - Wall Street!!!

Break out that pen and paper to jot down the formula for business success after listening to this episode of BookPals Business Sanity.

3 Jul 2015

The First Real Look At The New BookPals Website!!!

I must say that things are getting really exciting at BookPals with the launch of our business bookkeeping and business reporting software getting closer every day.

Check out what the new look website will look like on launch!!!

We have to give John Judd of Codeboss a HUGE shoutout for the work he has put in on the BookPals development and launch so far and we also have to thank Simon Kneebone of simonkneebone.com for the fantastic animations he has created for us (aren't they great?).

There is no better time than now to join us in the BookPals Business XLerator community because now's the time to start making those connections with the people who can help you drive your business to further levels of success.

Come in and join us - your business life is going to become easier with the introduction of BookPals.