25 Jul 2015

It Was Always Going To Happen - Wasn't It?

I am certain that many of you are reading this post after connecting with me on LinkedIn because I have found LinkedIn to be a great place to connect with people specifically focussed on business..

In the past, the ability to be able to export your LinkedIn connection's contact details (in particular their email address) into an auto-responder email sequence has been a great way to start putting together a list of people to reach out to and make them aware of your products or services (have any of you received an email from me telling you about XLerator this way before?).

Well - like all the major social media platforms - good old LinkedIn has changed the rules so that it is no longer a simple process of downloading your contact list - now you have to send them a request to do so!!!

How it works is that you have to send LinkedIn a request to get your connection's details and it takes up to 72 hours for them to send it to you - call me a cynic, but do you reckon that very soon they are going to start charging money for the privilege of connecting with people on their platform?!!! 

This "erks" me a bit because it takes the "social" out of "Social Media" and - like all the major social media platforms - it shows that there is nothing "social" about them - these platforms are just a group of people (full disclosure, like all of us!!!) working out ways to make more money. 

I am making you aware of this because if you think that LinkedIn is a place where you will be able to connect with potential customers for free forever I think that what has been done now with exporting their list is going to prove you wrong and I would encourage you to start thinking about alternatives.

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