23 Aug 2015

This Discussion Could Not Have Taken Place At A More Appropriate Time!!!

Isn't it weird how discussions take place at exactly the time that you need to hear them?

I say this because I had a discussion at a sporting event today and it backs up exactly why we have made available some free training for visitors to BookPals.

Earlier today I was at a judo competition with my son and got chatting to one of the other parents.

During our discussion he made mention that he ran his own business and I asked him what kind of business he ran.

Let me share with you - verbatim - our discussion:

Me: "So, you run your own business?"

Him: "Yep."

Me: "What kind of business is it?"

Him: "Oh, it's just a small business that I run myself."

Me: "What kind of work do you do?"

Him: "It's just trade stuff."

Me: "What kind of trade stuff?"

Him: "Just the normal stuff."

Me: "Any particular trade?"

Him: "Yeah - I'm a carpenter and a builder."

"Why is this important?" I hear you say - it's important because only yesterday I was talking to a mate of mine who is looking for a carpenter to help him with a renovation that he is doing - I have now put this guy and my mate in contact with one another, but this guy could so easily have missed out on this lead because of how difficult is was for him to simply tell me the kind of work he did!!!

What happened today is not unusual - all too often small business owners struggle with how to tell people about their products and services - and this is why when my friend Kristin Thompson told me about free training that she has created on how to better sell your product and/or service on stage I had to get it up on our website straight away to help you better promote and market your business.

I think a lot of small business owners forget that they are always "on stage" when it comes to promoting and marketing their business because they can be asked anywhere - at any time (even at their children's judo competitions!!!) - to talk about their business, so having a talk ready for when you're asked "So, tell me about your business" is imperative if you want to turn more leads into paying customers.

Check out Kristin's training now and get ready for the next time someone says to you "So, what kind of business do you run?"

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