13 Aug 2015

This Is What A Real Business Discussion Sounds Like

You would remember that I recently spoke to Dan Norris about his Black Hops Brewing project on BookPals Business Sanity.

Well, the Black Hops Brewing team have created a podcast that they've called Operation Brewing and this is a must listen to podcast if you are interested in starting a business - and that's any kind of business!!!

The podcast is only two episodes in as at time of this blog post, but already the content being provided there will seriously help you if you are thinking about starting - or expanding - your business because the discussions taking place on this podcast are those real "down in the weeds" discussions that people have to have when they make a decision to start a business or drive an existing business to its next level of success.

What I like most about the discussions is that they are raw and to the point (get ready for numerous "F" bombs throughout the episodes as well - these are real discussions by real people serious about creating a successful business) and you will learn the no-nonsense processes required to create a successful business.

I hope that the Operation Brewing podcast gives you an eye-opening insight into what goes into creating a successful business - enjoy!!!

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