30 Oct 2015

All You Bookkeepers Out There - This One's For You!!!

If you have been following the BookPals rollout for some time now you would know that a big part of the reason why BookPals has been created is to allow small business owners to connect with bookkeepers who can help them with their bookkeeping.

The reason why we are so committed to connecting small business owners with bookkeepers is quite simple - we know that there are many small business owners out there who hate doing their bookkeeping but they're not the least bit interested in having to wait around all day for bookkeepers to come to their address to do their bookkeeping for them.

Well, NEWS FLASH for all you small business owners out there - there are many bookkeepers would be happy to do your bookkeeping from the comfort of their own home or office if there was some way for them to do so!!

And that's where BookPals can help you both, because now that BookPals is here, bookkeepers can provide more small business owners with their quality bookkeeping services without ever leaving their own home or office.

For all you bookkeepers out there, we've created a page specifically for bookkeepers so that you can get a better understanding of how you can use BookPals to provide your bookkeeping services to more clients from the comfort of your own home or office.

Check out the BookPals page for Bookkeepers now and see if it helps you.

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