22 Oct 2015

Ok - Now All The Hoopla Is Over -----

Ok, so for the past 5 years you've been reading these blog posts - and listening to the BookPals Business Sanity podcast - and hearing me "bang on" about this upcoming thing called BookPals - and now it's time to find out exactly what BookPals is all about and how it can help you.

Before I explain what BookPals is all about, I just want to recite the start of the video on the new BookPals Homepage (if you listen to it carefully you may even recognise the voice!!!)

While I'm reciting it, have a think about what's being said in the context of your own daily routine -

  • Wake Up
  • Breakfast
  • Feed The Kids
  • Off To School
  • Bookkeeping
  • Shopping
  • Bookkeeping
  • Home From School
  • Evening Meal
  • Bookkeeping
  • Time For Bed
  • Start Again

Ok, now how many of you are sitting there saying "Hang on - that's me!!!"

As small business owners we know that our daily routine is not simply "going to work" "getting paid" "coming home" and "knocking off for the day" - you have to find some way to jam everything else that happens in your day into the chaos that you call your life.

Then - on top of all this - you also have to find time to get your business bookkeeping and compliance reporting done, because taxes and all the other business reporting that we have to do is not going away - not in our lifetime anyway!!!

When you think about it, if we put someone else through the abuse that we put ourselves through, we'd probably end up in court!!!! LOL 

As small business owners who love what we do and we grin and bear this chaos as it unfolds around us while at the same time quietly whispering to ourselves "How can I make things less chaotic?"!!!

And this is exactly why BookPals has been created.

As a "start up" business owner, the idea of using the services of a bookkeeper to help you with your bookkeeping is often the last thing mind - 
  • There's customers to find
  • There's staff to recruit
  • There's product to purchase
  • There's taxes to pay
  • The list goes on - and on - and on!!!

So what do you do?

You decide to do the bookkeeping yourself to "cut costs", or worse still - you get your partner or spouse to do the bookkeeping for you - and of course their life is not as hectic as yours, is it?!!!

To add insult to injury you are forced to use these bookkeeping systems that demand you learn this "double entry accounting" thing and accounting principles make about as much sense to you as skinny dipping in Alaska!!!

"I'm good at what I do - why do I also have to learn all this accounting stuff as well?"

We agree - and that's why we've created BookPals for you.

What we've created in BookPals is a simple to use bookkeeping solution - and you don't have to understand the first thing about accounting principles to use it.

Once you've set up your BookPals account all you have in front of you are two options -

Sales and Purchases (there's actually another option called Journals, but to be truthful, I wouldn't even worry about that at this stage - we'll get to that a bit later!!!). 

Ok, now have a think about this in the context of your own small business and answer this one simple question - 

What are the two things you do in your own business? 

Hands up if your answer is - 

I Sell Stuff and I Buy Stuff!!!

That's it - you sell stuff and you buy stuff - so what more do you need than somewhere to record how much stuff you sell and how much stuff you buy? 

I can already hear some of you out there yelling "What about paying my staff?" and I hear you - yes, you do have to record your staff's wages, but what if I said to you that recording your staff's wages is nothing more than a big number minus a little number and takes about 30 seconds to work out?!!!

When everything is said and done, if you have a place where you can capture all the stuff you sell, capture all the stuff you buy and capture how much you pay your staff, what else do you need in a bookkeeping system? 

And that's exactly what BookPals is - a place to quickly enter all the stuff you sell (your Sales Book) - a place to quickly enter all the stuff you buy (your Purchases Book) and a place to quickly record things like your staff wages and the like (that's that Journal Book thing I made mention of earlier - I'll explain that another day!!!).

BookPals has taken the mystery out of business bookkeeping, so come in and see what BookPals is all about and start taking some of the chaos out of running your own small business.

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