16 Nov 2015

Are You Ready For Some Laser Focussed Social Media Marketing Advice?

If you're a B2B - or Business to Business - business owner, how effective are your social media marketing efforts?

Are you one of those B2B business owners who is spending hours on Facebook and Twitter for what seems to be absolutely no return on your time investment?

Well, what about LinkedIn?

If you're saying "I'm not wasting my time on LinkedIn - that's where you go when you're looking for a job", I'm sorry to say that you couldn't be further from the truth because LinkedIn has evolved into a place where you - as a B2B business owner - now have a wonderful platform in which to promote your business to potential partners and customers.

And that's why we asked Alex Pirouz - Founder of Linkfluencer.com - back to BookPals Business Sanity to give us further insights into how you can use LinkedIn to better promote and market your business.

In this episode we shoot 10 rapid fire questions at Alex on the Do's and Dont's of promoting and marketing your business using LinkedIn and after you've listened to this episode you'll have a much better understanding on how to use LinkedIn more effectively when promoting your products and services.

Get ready for some laser focussed marketing strategies on this episode of BookPals Business Sanity.

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