28 Nov 2015

Phew - That Was Close - We Nearly Missed A Week Of BookPals Business Sanity!!!

To say that the past week or so has been hectic is an understatement!!!

The BookPals software has launched and already we have business owners using it and raving about how much easier it is making their business bookkeeping. 

We haven't been resting on our laurels though - there have been numerous updates and enhancements in the few short weeks that BookPals has been available for you that is making it more and more easier for you to do your business bookkeeping.

It is because of these enhancements that we nearly missed out on bringing you your weekly BookPals Business Sanity podcast episode, but ironically, it is also because of the work that we have been doing on BookPals that this week's episode has been created!!!

What I mean by this is that we received an email from a bookkeeper last week concerned that BookPals had the potential to reduce the number of customers that they would have access to and there were a number of emails - and a phone conversation - to explain that this could not be further from the truth - in fact, we believe that BookPals will actually increase the number of potential clients that bookkeepers have access to!!!

After these emails and our phone conversation I decided to put a podcast episode together about our discussion to show you how BookPals is going connect more bookkeepers to more business owners so that both can get on with working on those things that are most important to them.

Have a listen to this episode of Bookpals Business Sanity and let us know what you think ---

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