16 Nov 2015

Finally - A Place For Quiet Conversation!!!

Let me run a couple of scenarios past you and tell me whether or not you have found yourself in this situation in the past -

You're a Business Owner who knows there are a ton of messages waiting for you from your business associates, but every time you log in to your email or your social media account to read these messages you get inundated by "Special Offer" this and "Hashtag" that!!!

You're a Bookkeeper who can't finish your client's bookkeeping until they send you some missing receipts but whenever you call them you go to their voicemail and they have not responded to your emails even though you have been sending them emails for this documentation every day for a week!!!

You're an Accountant who needs proof of one purchase from your client to complete their financial returns but every time you call them they are "busy" and "away from their desk" and never seem to get back to you with the information you require to finalize their returns.

We're all busy - and with all the "noise" of emails and social media posts around us it's little wonder that people have trouble connecting with each other to work through the dynamics of running businesses - and that's why BookPals has created a safe haven - away from all this noise - so that you can focus on getting your financials sorted.

Because now you can have quiet conversations inside BookPals!!!

Here's how it works -

See on the right hand side of your BookPals account you can now invite your Pals to hold conversations with you - and best of all these conversations are private discussions between you and the other person concerned!!!

The best part about having these conversations inside BookPals is that when people are using BookPals they're not there to find out what their mates have been up to over the weekend - or to look at funny pictures of the antics that some people get up to when they know someone around them has a camera - they're reading your message while they're in a "business" frame of mind, processing or uploading their receipts.

Do you think that there's more chance of people responding to you promptly inside BookPals compared to when they are sifting through emails and social media posts "outside"?

We do - and that's why we have included this functionality inside BookPals - because the quicker you can attend to these kinds of messages the quicker you can get back to doing those things that are most important in your life.

Join us inside BookPals and start getting those business conversations attended to quickly - and quietly - so that you can get on with your life.

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