1 Jan 2016

It Really Is Best To Say It Just As It Is!!!


Isn't it amazing how often some of your best business ideas come from impromptu discussions you have with people you meet in the most unexpected of places?

We were at a New Years Eve party last night and I got talking to a person that I met for the first time who works in the financial services industry.

While we were chatting he asked me what I do for a living and I made mention of the BookPals project.

As I was explaining what BookPals is all about he became most interested because he provides small business owners with business finance and often has difficulty getting finance for his clients because their financial records are often virtually non-existent.

Then he said something that absolutely stopped me in my tracks!!!

He said "This is great - now I know about BookPals I can go to my clients and ask them 3 questions - 

1. Do you run a small business?

2. Do you hate doing the bookkeeping?

3. Do you need a way to get your financial receipts collated quickly and easily?

and if the answer to all three questions is "Yes", I can then refer them to your product so that they can get their receipts sorted and I can get them finance."

I just stood there looking at him totally flabagasted because he put into words exactly what we have been trying to conceptualise ever since BookPals started so from now on, here is the BookPals message in a nutshell - 

Are you a Small Business Owner or Tradesman?

Do you hate bookkeeping?

Are you looking for a way to quickly and easily collate your financial receipts?

If the answer to all these three questions is a resounding "Yes" then don't hesitate - join us at BookPals because it is exactly what you are looking for!!! 

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