11 Jan 2016

Here's How You Clear Your Mind ---

Be truthful - because we're all friends here - how often, as a small business owner, have you had those nagging doubts about whether or not starting your own business was the right thing to do?

Unless your some kind of superhero these thoughts do go through everyone's head because there are times in your small business life where you say to yourself "Is all this really worth it?".

There must be a lot of you that have had these kinds of thoughts judging by the downloads we had on one BookPals Business Sanity podcast episode and that is why we have re-released our episode with Kris Prochaska as a Christmas Classic favorite.

Kris assists business owners in working through the fears and doubts that creep into our minds when times get tough as a small business owner and provides strategies to allow you to turn what she calls those "little voices" into booming "inner voices" to help drive your business forward.

Put your mind at rest after listening to this BookPals Business Sanity Christmas Classic.

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