25 Feb 2016

We're Getting A Phone App - We're Getting A Phone App!!! LOL

We had a fantastic Board meeting at BookPals earlier this week where we discussed the BookPals rollout and what more we could do to make your bookkeeping easier and more straightforward.

We all agreed that a big part of why BookPals is so good is because your receipts are attached to your transactions inside it, so instead of running around looking for receipts that might be years old if ever you get audited - or your Accountant asks for them - now all you need to do is simply go straight to the transaction in question and click on the receipt that is attached to it and there it is right in front of you!!!

It's such an easy process, but we all had the same question -

"How can we make it easier?"

And the answer was sitting right there on the table in front of us -

Create A Phone App!!!

I know - I know - none us should have had our phones out on the table while we were in the middle of a Board meeting, but it resulted in a great BookPals enhancement, so we'll live with it!!! LOL

So - in the coming weeks - you'll be able to upload your receipts straight into BookPals using our new Phone App and might I remind you that until the 1st of March you can subscribe to BookPals for the grand old price of $5.00 per month.

You're reading this right - $5.00 a month - and the subscription stays at the same price for you after it goes up for everyone else on the 1st of March AND you get the Phone App when it's ready to go!!!

BookPals is getting better by the minute - but the minutes are running out fast - join us now to make your bookkeeping so much simpler.

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