14 Feb 2016

Two Weeks To Decide ---

Ok - if you've been following our posts here you will know that BookPals has gone through a whole heap of changes and enhancements since the Beta version first launched back in October 2015 and I must say - hand on heart - that you now have access to the most simple to use bookkeeping solution on the market.

I'm confident when I make this claim because this is the feedback we are constantly getting from those business owners who have started using BookPals - and their Accountants who now have quick and easy access to their receipts - and it leaves a warm glow in the pit of our tummies knowing that we are helping business owners in some small way to make their business lives easier and more straightforward.

We are most confident that once you move across to BookPals your bookkeeping will become a whole heap easier so what we have done is create a BookPals Business Sanity podcast episode to give you a better idea of the enhancements we have made to the BookPals product to help you decide if BookPals is what you need for your business.

Have a good listen to this episode so that you understand how BookPals is going to help you and we would also encourage you to take up the great offer we have right now because - as you will hear in the podcast - this offer is only available for you for another two weeks so if you are considering moving across to BookPals you would be crazy not to do so today.

Enjoy this episode of BookPals Business Sanity and learn how one aspect of your business life is about become easier and more straightforward.

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