1 Feb 2016

Want An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competitors? This Is It ---

Well, the BookPals Business Sanity Christmas Classic podcast series comes to a close today and I am so glad that this episode made it into the series because it teaches you how to have a seriously unfair advantage over your competitors.

As small business owners, we are constantly trying to work out ways in which to get that competitive edge over our competition, but there are times when we struggle for ideas on what that competitive edge might be.

One thing that can help you gain this competitive edge is by "getting into the heads" of your potential customers.

"How do you do that?" I hear you say and the answer is very simple -

By Creating Exceptional Copy!!!

I'm not talking about the "We provide you with the greatest service" or "We stand out from the crowd" kind of copy - I'm talking about the kind of copy that really "grabs" your reader and shouts at them "We're Exactly What You Need And This Is Why"!!!

And that's why this chat with Alison Lukin of Market Like A Rock Star is such a great discussion, because Alison can create - or help you create - exceptional copy just like this for your business.

Sit back with a pen and paper and get ready for some wonderful ideas on how to create exceptional copy for your business after listening to this BookPals Business Sanity Christmas Classic podcast episode.

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