6 Feb 2016

Ok - The Clock Has Started Ticking!!!

Many of you who have been following BookPals' evolution would know that back in October of last year (2015 for those of you who read this post in the years to come) we released the Beta version of BookPals so that you - small business owners who are struggling with doing your business bookkeeping - could provide us with feedback on what was good about BookPals and what needed to be done to make this product a quick and simple solution for you to complete your bookkeeping.

Can I say right here and now that the feedback we have received from those of you who have started using BookPals has been fantastic and has helped us greatly in understanding what you need to make the bookkeeping part of your business easier and more straightforward.

What it also did was give us more than 50 "things" that we needed to add to BookPals to meet your requirements and to get BookPals to what have called a Release Ready stage.

Well guess what - we finished the last of your requirements yesterday and BookPals is now - officially - Release Ready!!!

What this means is that you now have a bookkeeping solution that is easy to understand - easy to use - and even easier to get help from Bookkeepers when the time comes where you decide that you have had enough of the bookkeeping and want to get someone to help you with it.

It also means is that you can give your Accountant direct access to your receipts so that at any time of the year your Accountant can quickly check your records to make sure everything is going along fine and - more importantly - at the end of the financial year when it's time to do your tax returns, your Accountant has immediate access to your receipts instead of you wasting hours putting together piles and piles of paperwork to give to your Accountant - who then spends hours and hours trying to make sense out of these papers (and charges you thousands and thousands for the privilege of doing so!!!).

As with everything, these extra enhancements have come at a cost (as an aside, how was Christmas because we worked right through it?!!! LOL) so there is going to be an increase in the monthly subscription fee for BookPals.

As you know, the current price of BookPals is $5.00 per month and in a few short week's time this is going to increase to $15.00 a month but as a thank you to everyone who has provided us with feedback on our product we are keeping the subscription fee at $5.00 per month until 1 March 2016. 

What this means is that if you sign up for BookPals between now and 1 March 2016 you get to use BookPals for $5.00 a month - AND YOUR SUBSCRIPTION DOES NOT INCREASE WHEN THE PRICE GOES UP 1 MARCH 2016!!!

It gets better - the first month is absolutely free of charge, so what this means is that if you sign up for BookPals now you get to use it for the first month absolutely free of charge and if you don't like it and cancel your membership in the first month it has cost you NOTHING to find out if BookPals is right for you.

It gets even better - we have about 30 more items up on our whiteboard at the moment that we want to add to BookPals in the coming weeks and months to make it even easier for you to do your bookkeeping - AND YOU GET THESE FUTURE ENHANCEMENTS AT NO EXTRA COST IF YOU JOIN NOW!!!

That's right - for $5.00 a month you get the original version of BookPals - more than 50 enhancements that have been added to it from when it first started - AND all future enhancements we have in the pipeline!!!

If you are one of those business owners that sits at home of an evening and on weekends trying to sort your business bookkeeping when everyone else is out doing what's most important in their life, then you will never stop kicking yourself if you miss out on this offer.


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