21 Feb 2016

The Final Countdown Has Begun!!!

Those of you who have been following the BookPals rollout will know that on March 1 2016 the price of BookPals increases from $5.00 per month to $15.00 per month.

That means that the final countdown has begun for you to use BookPals for a third of the price that it is going to be from the 1st of March 2016!!!

It's important for you to know that this is not some "thrown together" trial version of BookPals that we are virtually giving away to entice you into a more expensive version of our product - this is the "full blown" BookPals bookkeeping system that everyone will be paying three times more for in a very short period of time.

Best of all, you get to use BookPals for the first 30 days free of charge, so there is absolutely no risk to you to register for it right now.

If - during the first 30 days - you decide that BookPals is not for you, simply cancel your subscription and go back to using what you currently use for your bookkeeping.

If you hate business bookkeeping and are frustrated by the options currently on the market, why wouldn't you register for BookPals?

Join us - and get back to doing those things in your life that are most important to you. 

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