3 Mar 2016

Did It Really Provide You With The Freedom That You Were Looking For?

Are you one of those small business owners who started their business dreaming of the freedom that it would give you?

So - has it worked?

Let me put it to you another way - remember all those years ago when you were "working for The Man" as a "small cog in a big machine" -

Clocking on at 9 and clocking off at 5.

Having each and every weekend off.

Not concerned about whether or not the work was getting done while you were on holidays.

Now, compare this to running your own small business -

Working long hours "on the tools".

Weekends off are now a distant memory.

Worried sick about cash flow on the odd occasion where you can take some time off.

And you call this the "freedom" of running your own small business?!!!

Ok, so what needs to be done to change what you are currently doing into the dream you originally had when you first started your own business?

I'll answer that question with a question -

Why do YOU have to do everything in our own business?

The answer is quite simple - YOU DON'T!!!

There are so many aspects of our business that you can "palm off" to someone else if you really think about it.

Why do you need to be cleaning your business premises when you can get a cleaner in to do this task for you?

Why do you need to be delivering your products to your customers when you can get a delivery service to do this task for you?

Why do you need to be updating your website when you can get a website developer to do this task for you?

Why do you need to be spending hours in front of a computer entering all your receipts when you can get a bookkeeper to do this task for you?

And the list goes on - and on - and on.

This is exactly why BookPals was created for you - we know you want to do your own bookkeeping to cut costs in the early days of starting your business, so we have created a quick and simple solution to your business bookkeeping and when the time comes where you realise that the "freedom" you yearned for when you first started your business is little more than a distant memory, you can hand over your bookkeeping to someone who is right there waiting to help you so that you can get back to doing those things in life that are most important to you.

Unhook the shackles - join us at BookPals now.

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