27 Jun 2016

Here's A Way To Rock Your Customer's Socks Off!!!

Have a think about the last time you invited a customer, potential customer, or business partner out for a meal.

After the meal, what do you think they thought about your business?

What I mean by this is do you think they may have thought "Nice meal - nice people - who's the next business we have to meet?" or do you think they may have thought "What a most professional group - we have to do business with this lot!!!"?

Many business owners forget that "Wow Factor" can play a big role in determining whether or not your business is chosen over everyone else and this is why we invited Steven Lawson of henrysprofessionalbutlerandwaiterservices.com onto BookPals Business Sanity, because Steven and his team can put that real "Wow Factor" into your next business meeting.

Steven and his team provides professional butler and waitering services and when you hear about the type of events that he and his team can create, you will get a real understanding of how you can stand out from the crowd at your next business function.

Get ready to inject some serious "Wow Factor" into your next business meeting after listening to this episode of BookPals Business Sanity.

8 Jun 2016

Once And For All It's Time To Put The Fallacy To Bed!!!

How many times have you heard the term "Work/Life Balance" being bandied around and you've stood there - as a small business owner - mumbling to yourself "What a Crock - there is no such thing as Work/Life Balance"?

I agree 100% with you - this idea of a small business owner being able to "turn off" when they shut their doors at the end of each day is ludicrous - and anyone who thinks otherwise has never run a business in their life as far as I'm concerned!!!

There is, however, a solution if you are trying to achieve this goal of Work/Life Balance and on today's episode of BookPals Business Sanity you are going to meet someone who will show you the true meaning of Work/Life Balance, because on today's episode you meet Stephanie Mulac of stephanieleighmulac.com.

Stephanie is more than qualified to show you the true meaning of Work/Life Balance, because she "walks the walk" by running her own successful coaching business while at the same time travelling around the United States in a luxury RV.

AND she home schools her children as well!!!

Learn How To Lead The Life You Long To Lead After Listening To This Episode Of BookPals Business Sanity

Oh - and after you've listened to our chat - make sure you download Stephanie's wonderful gift to you!!!