8 Jun 2016

Once And For All It's Time To Put The Fallacy To Bed!!!

How many times have you heard the term "Work/Life Balance" being bandied around and you've stood there - as a small business owner - mumbling to yourself "What a Crock - there is no such thing as Work/Life Balance"?

I agree 100% with you - this idea of a small business owner being able to "turn off" when they shut their doors at the end of each day is ludicrous - and anyone who thinks otherwise has never run a business in their life as far as I'm concerned!!!

There is, however, a solution if you are trying to achieve this goal of Work/Life Balance and on today's episode of BookPals Business Sanity you are going to meet someone who will show you the true meaning of Work/Life Balance, because on today's episode you meet Stephanie Mulac of stephanieleighmulac.com.

Stephanie is more than qualified to show you the true meaning of Work/Life Balance, because she "walks the walk" by running her own successful coaching business while at the same time travelling around the United States in a luxury RV.

AND she home schools her children as well!!!

Learn How To Lead The Life You Long To Lead After Listening To This Episode Of BookPals Business Sanity

Oh - and after you've listened to our chat - make sure you download Stephanie's wonderful gift to you!!!

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