11 Jul 2016

Here's How To Take The Grind Out Of The Grind Of Running Your Own Small Business!!!

Hands up all you small business owners out there who have felt the stress and pressure of running your own small business really bear down on you?

As small business owners, we all like to think that we're like the god Atlas - and can carry the world on our shoulders - but the reality is that there comes a time where if you don't find some way to release the stress and tension of running your own small business you begin to question whether or not all the hassle is really worth it.

That's why it is so important to have some kind of "pressure release valve" in your arsenal of small business owner tricks to help put some sanity back into this "thing" that we call running our own small business.

Well, recently I was introduced to someone who has created some wonderfully unique products that you can use as this "pressure release valve" and as soon as I heard about these products I asked her straight onto BookPals Business Sanity to tell you about it because I know that they will help take the grind out of the grind of running your own small business.

And that's why on this episode you meet Kylie Schmitzer of thedailygrindaustralia.com!!!

When you hear about Kylie's products you'll begin to understand how they can be used to make the stress and pressure of running your own small business simply melt away and you'll also have access to some wonderful gift ideas for your customers and staff.

Get ready to start your journey to Small Business Nirvana after listening to this episode of BookPals Business Sanity!!! 

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