8 Aug 2016

You Asked For It - You Got It - The Presentation In Audio!!!

I cannot believe how crazy the BookPals project has gotten over the past month or so!!!

I'll explain what I mean in upcoming podcasts and blog posts but to say that BookPals has had an "overhaul" is an understatement.

The "upside" is that we have a heap of exciting new announcements in the pipeline and I am sure that you will be most happy with what BookPals has in store for you into the future.

Enough about us - you would recall in a previous blog post that I recently gave a presentation to a group of small business owners about the power of podcasting to promote and market your business.

I received some feedback back to let me know that some of you wanted the presentation in audio format so that you can download it and listen to it while you are driving and/or commuting.

Never let it be said that we won't keep our customers satisfied - here is the presentation in audio format inside BookPals Business Sanity so that you can start getting ideas about the power of podcasting to promote and market your business!!!

Remember that if audio is your "thing", then why don't you subscribe to the BookPals Business Sanity Podcast via iTunes so that way each episode will download to you automatically once they are released?

Have a listen to the presentation now and let us know how podcasting can help you and your business.

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