12 Sep 2016

This Is Why I Hate Baseball!!!

We often use sports to draw analogies with business events and - on most occasions - this is done for positive and constructive reasons, but occasionally these same analogies can be used for really crappy reasons.

Unfortunately, I have to share one of those crappy reasons with you here today.

Sometimes life throws some really demanding "curve balls" at you and in this episode of BookPals Business Sanity I have to share one of those "curve balls in life" examples with you.

A long time customer of mine has found themself in a situation where they are unable to do many of the processes that are required to run their business efficiently and because of this, the business could - potentially - be at risk of losing clients.

Fortunately in this situation the matter has been resolved, but it is a stark example of how life can throw curve balls at you as a small business owner and because of this, it is so important to be ready for when these types of events happen.

Think long and hard after listening to this episode of BookPals Business Sanity and then start thinking about what "holes" need to be filled inside your business.

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