26 Sep 2016

The Dream Has Become A Reality - Say Hello To BookPals!!!!

Remember all those years ago I started "banging on" about what we were going to do at BookPals?

Remember it had something to do with giving small business owners a bookkeeping solution that was simple to use?

Remember it had something to do with not needing to understanding accounting principles to use it?

Remember it had something to do with being able to do your bookkeeping in the comfort of your lounge room chair during ad breaks on TV?

Well, after 6 years of blood sweat and tears ---

After more pivots than a basketball player on speed ---

After more twists and turns than a mountain bike rider racing down Mount Everest ---

BookPals is now here for you to use!!!

So, let me tell you what BookPals is all about:

Are you are small family business?

Between running the business and everything else going on in your life, do you feel a little like this -

Somewhere inside all this chaos, are you trying to do your bookkeeping and have neither the time - nor the inclination - to understand the accounting principles behind the bookkeeping systems currently on the market?

If you just answered "Yes", "Yes" and "Yes" then BookPals is for you!!!

BookPals is for all you small businesses who are not interested in all the complex accounting "stuff" that you have to put up with when using the bookkeeping systems currently on the market.

If all you want to do is get your receipts into a place where your Accountant can access them at tax time, then BookPals is for you.

BookPals is not for businesses that pay their staff salaries and wages - it is for sole traders and sole proprietors, where the owners pay themselves and sort out their wages and "PAYG tax stuff" with their accountant at the end of each financial year.

It does not have all this complex "journal stuff" and things like that inside it - instead of trying to turn you into some kind of Pseudo-Accountant, all you do with BookPals is record what you do in the real world - you enter sales when you sell stuff and you enter purchases when you buy stuff - that's it!!!

Best of all, all your receipts and sales invoices get kept with the records inside BookPals - that's right, instead of having to rummage through shoeboxes full of receipts trying to find a receipt if ever you need one, now the receipt is right there at your fingertips alongside each transaction.

Oh yeah - and you also get to keep your bank statements right there with your sales and purchases so that your Accountant can check things if ever they need to.

Best of all, you can do all your bookkeeping without ever leaving the comfort of your lounge room chair because you can use BookPals on any tablet device and do your bookkeeping during ad breaks on TV.

And guess what - you can even attach your receipts to each transaction using your tablet's camera while you're sitting there!!!

In other words, all the hassle of business bookkeeping has now gone - once you start using BookPals.

So, what are you waiting for - check out BookPals now and see if it's right for you and if it is, start turning the mundane chore of business bookkeeping into a quick task that you can do anywhere and at anytime.

In other words, it's time to get more freedom back in your life by using BookPals - Join Us ---

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