30 Oct 2016

The Opportunities Are Everywhere - Even When You're Not Looking For Them!!!

Yesterday was one of those days that started out like it could be a real "bummer" and ended up revealing so many business "gems" that I have to share them with you!!!

I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before, but my wife runs a business called Krondorf Trading Co and when we checked her stock out at Rockford Wines on Friday we found that her Apricot Jam and Apricot Almond and Grand Marnier Jam supplies were almost out.

Saturday morning Annie - my wife - gets up early and heads off to her supplier of dried apricots to restock the jam supplies only to find out that her supplier has removed the majority of their supplies from their shelves during renovations and there are no dried apricots available for sale until next week.

What are we to do?!!!

In a last ditch effort to find some dried apricots we packed up the family and headed out to the Barossa Farmers Market in the hope that there may be a stall there that was selling dried apricots - and we hit pay dirt!!!

Not only were there numerous local suppliers selling dried apricots there, but we also met a farmer who has a ton of second grade apricots that they are trying to sell prior to the next harvest of apricots which starts in a couple of months.

I'd better explain something here - second grade apricots don't mean that they don't taste as nice as the first grade - they taste exactly the same only they don't look as "pretty" and because of this they can't be sold at the same price as the first grade apricots.

Now, I'm sure you have already worked out that the "prettiness" of the apricot is not a consideration with jam - because it's turned into jam!!! - so the fact that Annie had found a supplier of delicious apricots for a substantially reduced price is great for her business.

It gets better - we're walking around the market feeling all chuffed about our "apricot win" when we come across a stand run by Paul of Barossa Coffee Roasters.

Now, Annie loves coffee so we head on over to check out what's on offer and while Annie is talking to Paul, I am fascinated by a little electronic device Paul has on his table with a PayPal sign on it.

I asked Paul what this device was and he explained that it is called PayPal Here and is an alternative to processing credit card card payments at a fraction of the cost to having a traditional merchant account.

My ears immediately prick up - Annie has resisted setting up a merchant account for as long as she has been running Krondorf Trading Co because the fees to do so are obscene and when Paul explains to us that you pay a small fee for the "Tap N Go" reader - and then the only fee you get charged is the regular PayPal fee - Annie and I look at one another, smile and say "This is it!!!"

Paul then explains that his coffee is on sale at a small coffee stall over on the other side of the market, so we head on over to this stall, Annie buys a coffee, gives me a sip and when I taste how nice the coffee is (and I'm a tea drinker!!!) we head straight back over to Paul's stall and buy a large bag of his Mexican De Angel Albino Corzo coffee - and I pay for it using his PayPal Here reader to see how easy it is to use!!!

By the end of the day, not only did we have cost of goods for Annie's Jam at a substantially reduced price, but we had also found a cost effective way for Annie's clients to purchase her products with nothing more than a phone call to her.

How many opportunities to increase your business are sitting there in front of you and are being missed simply because they are not being noticed?

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