9 Oct 2016

Are You Listening To What Your Customers Are Saying?

I can't remember if I have made mention of it before, but earlier this year my wife took over the running of her mother's business called Krondorf Trading Co.

Krondorf Trading Co sells the most delicious jams, mustards, relishes, pickles, sauces and chutneys that money can buy and as well as being online, you can also buy their products from Rockford Wines in the Barossa Valley region of South Australia.

Anyway, each weekend I help Annie (my wife) by going out to Rockford Wines to restock the shelves in cellar door.

I was out there earlier today and I want to share with you comments that the customers were making about her produce because I think it is a wonderful example of the importance of paying very close attention to what your clients are saying about your products or services.

While I was restocking the shelves, a group there was looking over Krondorf Trading Co's products and as I brought more stock out to replenish the shelves I was most surprised with what they were saying about the products.

On the face of it, you would think that customers would say things like "That chutney would go wonderfully on a roast" or "I'd love to try that jam on my toast of a morning" but I was fascinated when I started hearing comments like "Look - that jam has a much darker colour than that other jam" and "Oh look, that mustard is almost orange in colour!!!"

I was even more fascinated when this same group bought a jar of each "colour" - I actually stood there while they said "I've got the green one, why don't you grab a red one" - not once was a comment made about what they were going to use it on - this group was enthralled by the beauty of the colour of the products.

I left the winery with a much greater appreciation of the importance of paying very close attention to what your clients are saying about your products and services - on the face of it, you may believe that customers buy from you for one reason, but when you are paying close attention to what they are saying about your products and services, the reasons why they buy from you may be very different to what you first thought.

As an aside - regardless of whether or not you are interested in the colour or the taste - check out the products on offer at Krondorf Trading Co - they are absolutely delicious!!!

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