21 Oct 2016

Are You Staying True To Your Core?

Today has been a fascinating day and I want to share one aspect of it with you because I think that there's a valuable business lesson in it.

I am on a "Blitz Trip" interstate for my brother's 50th birthday party and I boarded a plane this morning to head over to the celebration.

I can't remember how many flights I have made over the years, but it has been a substantial number and I have become a little blasé about the announcements that are made over the PA system during the flights.

Saying that, an announcement was made today that made my ears prick up - and for all the wrong reasons!!!

Part way through the flight an announcement was made that the cabin crew were going to proceed through the cabin shortly offering a $5.00 "ticket" (I can't remember the exact name) for purchasers to go in the draw to win a $1000.00 price that is drawn each month.

Sure enough, a short time later through came the cabin staff asking if anyone wanted to buy a ticket!!!

My first thought when I heard the announcement was "What?" and then - when I saw the staff walking down the aisle asking passengers if they wanted a ticket - my next thought was "Am I on a flight, or have I taken a "wrong turn" somewhere and ended up in a pub and found myself in the middle of a chook raffle?"!!!

This incident got me thinking about "value adding" to your customer's experience and how the "value add" has to have a direct correlation with the initial experience that they have with you.

We all know the "Would you like fries with your order?" upsell of the major fast food companies and this makes sense to me because it enhances the initial experience you are having with the business, but "Would you like to buy a "raffle ticket" and go in the draw to win $1000.00?" when you are on a flight - really?!!!

What "value adds" are you providing to your customers and are they enhancing your customer's experience with you or are they making your customer scratch their heads in confusion?

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