9 Oct 2016

How Close Is This To Your Life?

I had a most interesting discussion with some friends of ours that we had not seen in ages last night and I want to share this discussion with you to see if you can relate to it in any way.

This couple run their own small sports store business - they're both "gym junkies" who love health and fitness and sell gym gear, health food supplements and that sort of thing both online and through gyms and health food outlets in their local area.

They have two boys - 14 and 11 - who are mad keen sportsmen themselves - the 11 year old loves his "footy" and the 14 year old shows some real potential at basketball (he's already over 6 feet tall - what are we feeding them nowadays?!!!).

Anyway, we got talking about the BookPals project.

Let me explain how the conversation got around to BookPals - this couple was complaining about how chaotic their lives are and how they never seem to have time to do anything themselves anymore because their time is totally consumed with their work and taking their kids to their chosen sports.

I suggested to them that BookPals was the answer and they asked "How?"

My reply was quite simple - "Why do you have to be sitting at home doing your bookkeeping?"

They looked at each other for a minute and then he said "Well, where else do you do it? Our bookkeeping program is on my computer in the office and I am not carrying that around with me everywhere I go".

My reply was quite simple - "When was the last time you didn't have your iPad at your kid's sporting events?" (Full disclaimer - I already knew the answer because they take photos of their kids at their sports matches all the time to help them improve their game!!!).

His reply - "We always have the iPad with us when we are at their games."

My reply - "Then do your bookkeeping at quarter and half time breaks while you're waiting for the boys to come back on and continue their games!!!"

Lets face it - the reality of small business life is that it is a constant turmoil because we are always running around doing everything else we have to do as well as all the "business stuff" that is forced upon us, but there is always those "5 minutes here and 10 minutes there" down times throughout the day where we can grab a receipt, take a quick photo of it with our iPad or tablet and then either check a few numbers while we are there to finish processing it or - if the "siren sounds" for the game to begin again - just leave finishing our bookkeeping until we get time to look at it again at the next break - or some other time when we have a spare moment.

BookPals has turned bookkeeping into a quick "filler" between game and ad breaks on TV so that now - instead of spending hours out in an office, missing out on your kid's sports events and missing out on quality time with your family and friends - you simply grab your tablet when you get a quick 5 minutes, upload your receipts into your BookPals account, finish off the bookkeeping while you are there or just leave it until later, safe in the knowledge that you know where all your receipts are.

Your bookkeeping is no longer a chore - join us at BookPals now and get back to doing those things that are most important in your life.

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