29 Nov 2016

Why Those One Percenters Make All The Difference

If you've been following the BookPals rollout you will know that we have started the BookPals Video Series where we are showing you how simple BookPals is to use and how it is going to make your business bookkeeping so much easier.

Well, the latest video in the series is well worth checking out because it highlights one of those little "one percenters" that we - as small business owners - long for because we know that they give us much more than a one percent gain in our business productivity.

This video shows you how simple it is to relay messages to people that need to have access to - or provide information on - your financial records.

We call this part of BookPals the Pals section (now you know why we are called BookPals!!!) and when you see how it works, you'll quickly begin to get a clear understanding of how this simple little function will give you back hours and hours of wasted (and unbillable!!!) time over your working year.

Check out the latest BookPals video and let us know what you think.

Oh - and while I think of it - after you've had a look at the video, come on over to BookPals and start getting some freedom back into your life.

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