4 Dec 2016

Yo Ho Ho - Here We Go!!!

Well, it's that time of the year again - time to start stressing out like crazy while you think of unique Christmas gift ideas for family and friends!!! LOL

What is it about Christmas - we spend so much time mulling over interesting and unique gift ideas for our family and friends and how often do we hand over a gift to someone after spending hours searching for that gift that is "just right for them" only to get that fake "This is fantastic - thank you so much!!" comment in return and you leave the Christmas party knowing that your gift is going to be stuffed in to a drawer - never to be seen again - until the cupboards are rummaged through some time next year when the person concerned is looking for "junk" to get rid of in a weekend garage (car boot) sale?

Now, if you have a family or friends who run their own small business and you know that they spend hours doing their bookkeeping while all the time hating it because they neither like - nor understand - this aspect of business, how's this for an idea -

Why don't you give them BookPals for Christmas?

Have a think about it for a minute - instead of giving them some trinket that they are going to think about for no more than thirty seconds after you have left their house, you could give them something that will make their business lives easier, because once they start using BookPals they will be able to get their bookkeeping done quickly and easily so that they can get back to doing those things in their lives that are most important to them.

Better still, an annual BookPals membership is probably going to cost you less than that same trinket that's going to get thrown in a drawer as soon as you leave because it costs the grand total of $5.00 per month to use BookPals AND the first month is free!!!

Have a think about it - would you prefer that small business owner friend or relative of yours to give you that fake "This is fantastic - thank you so much!!" comment or would it be better if you gave them a Christmas gift that just keeps on giving all year every year and they will be forever grateful to you?

If you want to give them a gift that will truly be of benefit to them long after the Christmas turkey has been devoured, sign them up for a BookPals membership at www.bookpals.biz - they will appreciate it and will be thanking you for it long into next year.

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