22 Jan 2017

The "Secret Sauce" To More Sales

While we were on holidays over the Christmas period I got to meet a couple of my relative's mates who had travelled to Oz from England to celebrate his upcoming 50th birthday.

I got chatting to one of these guys and during our discussion he made mention that he was a partner in a business back home in the United Kingdom.

My "business brain" immediately kicked into overdrive because part of the BookPals rollout includes introducing the BookPals bookkeeping system to small business owners throughout the UK.

He and his partners provide fit out services for a large hotel chain throughout Britain and Europe and it was fascinating to listen to how the business had originally started and the process that they went through to obtain this most lucrative contract.

During our discussion I posed the following question to Colin (that's his name) - "So, what was the "Secret Sauce" to getting the contract?" - and his reply was so profound that I have to share it with you here -

Just Keep Knocking On Doors!!!

My reply was "That's it?" to which he replied "Yep!!!"

He then went into detail about how they had tried all the "marketing tricks" we all hear about to source new clients but when it all came down to it, success was achieved by identifying the exact customer avatar that needed their services and once they had done this it was simply a matter of finding and "hounding" these leads until they got in front of the key decision makers to show them how their products could help them.

Colin is in charge of the partnership's marketing and he outlined exactly what had to be done to obtain the contract - let me share it with you here and now -

Phone calls

Door knocking

Identifying the key decision makers

Getting past the "gate keeper"

Talking to the key decision makers

Arranging a time to present to them

Presenting to them

Getting their approval

Obtaining the contract

Providing the service

We just sat there smiling at each and agreed that it would be great if there was some kind of "secret sauce" that could allow you to bypass the majority of this process - but there isn't!!!

One thing Colin said later in our conversation that I thought was fascinating was the flow-on effect his efforts had - as a result of him "grinding it out" to get this business, the hotel chain had hired him as a consultant to source more business for them because they were so impressed with his tenacity and perseverance that they decided to hire him to source more corporate customers for the hotel chain itself!!!

The "Secret Sauce" to generating more sales is that there is no secret sauce - find people who need your product or service, contact them, show them how your product or service will make their life easier and they will buy from you - that's it!!!

So there it is - the "Secret Sauce" to generating more sales - off you go!!! LOL

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