28 Feb 2017

This is how you Rank Videos in Google and YouTube

A quick small business owner's public service announcement!!!

As you know just about everyone is talking about video marketing these days…

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All the best and let me know how it helps your business.

26 Feb 2017

Who Really Is The Most Important Person In Your Business?

There is only one word for this week and that's INSANE!!!

I can't go into too much detail about what happened specifically at this stage but one thing that has been driven home is the realisation that we - as business owners - must remain extremely aware of how important every person - and I mean EVERY PERSON - is inside our business.

It also reminded me of an incident that I was a part of nearly twenty years ago now and even though business practises have changed dramatically in this time, this is one aspect of business that has remained a constant.

Let me share it with you ---

Going back to the 1990's I was working for a large corporate organisation - I'll refrain from naming the organisation to protect the guilty!!! LOL.

As a part of this job I was asked to attend upper level management meetings and these meetings often included representatives from other organisations.

Anyway, on this particular day I was going to be a part of one of these meetings and we got to the conference room early to set up in anticipation of our guest's arrival.

When we got there we found that one of our cleaners was still in the conference room putting the finishing touches to the daily clean of the room.

I can't for the life of me remember the cleaner's name but I do remember that he was by far the best cleaner the organisation had - he was meticulous with how clean he would leave a room and took great pride in his work.

Anyway, one of the managers with us had a reputation of "looking down" at staff members lower on the "corporate ladder" than him and when we walked in this same guy was very quick to give the cleaner a bollocking for still being in the conference room with 15 minutes to go before the meeting started.

After being told to pack up his gear and get straight out (in no uncertain terms) by this manager, the cleaner quietly looked up and said "I'll only be a minute or two longer - I'm almost finished" and turned back to finish his cleaning.

The manager did not like this response at all - how do I know? - because his face turned a livid shade of red and he started stomping towards the cleaner.

I'd seen this guy (the manager dude) in action before and knew this was not going to end nicely, so before he had a chance to get at the cleaner I quietly walked up alongside him and whispered "I wouldn't do that".

The good news is my comment stopped him - the bad news is that I now became the centre of his attention!!! - but before he could start on me, I quietly whispered "You do know that the CEO who we are meeting today is an absolute clean freak and if everything is not completely clean, this whole meeting could fall over?"

That stopped him (perhaps it had something to do with if this deal did not get over the line he was going to fail his KPI's!!! LOL) so he just stood there with that beautiful shade of red making his face glow while the cleaner finished his work and promptly exited the room.

The meeting took place - the deal went through - and everyone went home happy, but this little incident highlighted just how important everyone is in your business.

I say this because I'm confident that regardless of how good our presentation was, if that conference room had been left even a little dirty, the visiting CEO would not have agreed to anything (I'd seen him in action before - and it was ugly!!!).

It's so important for you to keep this in mind as a small business owner - particularly when the majority of your focus is on driving your business to greater levels of success - there are times when you are not the most knowledgable person in the room (have a look at the team around you - are you ever the most knowledgeable person in the room?) so it's very important to be willing to take feedback from all the members of your team - and that means everyone from your trusted secretary right through to your office cleaner - because the information you will glean by listening to these people may very well give you the answers you're looking for to drive your business forward.

23 Feb 2017

It's Time To Start Making Videos

One thing is undeniable and that's more and more people are checking out videos to help them make a buying decision.

We are all walking around with these little computers in our pockets - which some of us know as phones!!! - and it is so easy to look up a "how to" or "this is what it looks like" video while we are commuting - or just lazing around - that it makes sense that videos will play a huge part in what we buy.

And that's why when I found out about this free resource from Content Samurai called The Ultimate YouTube SEO Cheat-Sheet I had to let you know about it because it is resources like this that will get you well ahead of your competitors when promoting and marketing your business.

Have a think about it for a minute - how often have you wanted to see what something looks like - or how it works - before you've gone out and bought it?

It's funny because when I first heard about this resource, the first thing I thought about were tradespeople.

How many of you Tradies have done some wonderful work (carpentry, cabinet making, welding - whatever) that would be a fantastic advertisement for your business and the best you can do when someone asks you to show them your work is pull up a photo of the job on your phone?

Why not use that same phone to video record the whole job and then stick that video up on YouTube so that anyone who wants to see your work has access to it?

This is just one example of how powerful videos can be - and how easy it is to video your work with that little computer in your pocket (which some of us know as phones!!!) - to promote and market your business.

Go and get The Ultimate YouTube SEO Cheat-Sheet now and start driving your business to greater levels of success.

19 Feb 2017

Why Isn't It Working?

How often have you said to yourself -

"I've identified my target market"

"I'm doing all the online marketing stuff"

"My market message is exactly what they need to hear"

and still no-one buys your product or service?

One of the scariest things that can happen to you as a small business owner is when your marketing efforts to your chosen niche is not working and this is why we asked Sean Kaye of CasualMarketer.com back to BookPals Business Sanity to discuss what you can do when your niche goes quiet on you.

Sean has spent decades helping small business owners market their products and services online and in today's discussion you are going to hear things that may not make you feel comfortable, but will give you a clear understanding of what to do to re-spark your marketing efforts with your chosen niche.

Or whether or not you have a chosen niche at all!!! (Now that's got you thinking, hasn't it?)

There are times in a small business owner's life when they have to hear it exactly as it is - and this discussion is one of those times - so sit back and get ready for a serious dose of small business reality after listening to this episode of BookPals Business Sanity.

17 Feb 2017

What's The Best Bookkeeping System For You?

I had a conversation with a customer of mine today who is looking at upgrading the bookkeeping system he uses for his business and this discussion highlighted aspects of choosing a bookkeeping system that every business owner should think about to help them with this (often) mundane aspect of running their business.

There are a myriad of bookkeeping solutions on the market these days and many small business owners believe (incorrectly) that they are all much of a muchness, but here's the thing - if you stop thinking about what type of bookkeeping system you should use and think more about what bookkeeping system allows you to collate your financial records the quickest you will find that this aspect of running your business becomes much - MUCH - easier.

Let me give you some examples of what I am talking about -

If you're a sole trader - or a sole proprietor - who runs the business on your own and will never have staff, why do you need a bookkeeping system with all the "bells and whistles" like payroll, inventory management and the like?

You're never going to use these aspects of a bookkeeping system, so why would you waste time trying to learn them and money on a system that has them?

If you don't understand accounting principles - in other words all this "debit and credit stuff" that you hear about all the time - why would you choose a bookkeeping system that is accounting based?

Wouldn't it be easier to use something as simple as a spreadsheet - or if you have (or need) to use a bookkeeping system, wouldn't a really simple bookkeeping program that doesn't bamboozle you with all the accounting jargon be the best option for you?

Let's come at this discussion from the other direction - if you have just started a business and you know that as soon as you can you will be employing staff (or you have to employ staff from the moment you open your doors), why would you buy a "base level" bookkeeping system when you know that in the not-too-distant future you are going to have to upgrade your bookkeeping system to a more complex one?

Here's something else to think about - if the only reason you are doing your own bookkeeping is because you can't afford a bookkeeper, but you know that as soon as you can afford one you will be getting someone else to do the bookkeeping for you, why would you choose a bookkeeping system that "sits" on your home computer instead of having a system in the Cloud so that when it's time to hand over your bookkeeping to someone else, the process is quick and seamless?

And while we're going down this rabbit hole - if you are always getting hounded by your Accountant because they are constantly chasing your receipts to check against your financial records, why wouldn't you choose a bookkeeping system that could give your Accountant direct access to those receipts instead of you having to rummage through boxes of paperwork trying to find that one receipt that you have been asked to produce?

Bookkeeping is a fact of business life - as much as you might want to avoid it you can't - so when you are thinking about the best bookkeeping system for you, spend time thinking about which system is just right for your business - and your business alone - so that you can get this aspect of running your business done quickly and easily and get back to those things in life that are most important to you.

13 Feb 2017

How Effectively Are You Marketing Your Business?

I saw something yesterday and have to share it with you because it's a great example of what not to do when advertising your products and services!!!

This big 4 wheel drive vehicle towing a trailer was heading down the road towards me and as it got closer I could see that there was signage all over the trailer.

Advertising on vehicles has always fascinated me because I think it is a great way for small, local based businesses to get the word out about their products and services so as the vehicle approached I waited in anticipation to see what type of business it was.

Anyway, the vehicle drives by and guess what the advertising said -


I laughed and shook my head in amazement - now I know their surname and now I know there is more than one of them, but I do not have the faintest idea what kind of product or service they provide and if it they sell something that I need, I have no way of knowing how to contact them.

Advertising is one of those expenses that many small business owners begrudge paying because they (often?) don't see the return on their investment - is your advertising giving you the best "bang for your buck"?

6 Feb 2017

How To Put The Mojo Back Into Running Your Dojo!!!

If you're a Baby Boomer small business owner are there times when it's really hard to drag yourself out of bed to open the business doors?

Lets face it, the daily grind of running your own small business can really wear you down if you've been doing the same old same old for decades, but what are you going to do if you close your doors - work for someone else or retire?!!!

Well, today you're going to meet someone who can help you put the mojo back into running your own small business, because on today's episode of BookPals Business Sanity you meet Lorraine Pirihi of relaunchyourlife.com.au.

Lorraine helps Baby Boomer business owners get that spark back into their lives so that they face the challenges of running their own small business with zest and vitality.

Best of all, after listening to Lorraine you'll begin to understand what you have to do to start reconnecting with the fun and excitement that is being a small business owner.

Get ready to put the mojo back into running your dojo after listening to this episode of BookPals Business Sanity.