23 Feb 2017

It's Time To Start Making Videos

One thing is undeniable and that's more and more people are checking out videos to help them make a buying decision.

We are all walking around with these little computers in our pockets - which some of us know as phones!!! - and it is so easy to look up a "how to" or "this is what it looks like" video while we are commuting - or just lazing around - that it makes sense that videos will play a huge part in what we buy.

And that's why when I found out about this free resource from Content Samurai called The Ultimate YouTube SEO Cheat-Sheet I had to let you know about it because it is resources like this that will get you well ahead of your competitors when promoting and marketing your business.

Have a think about it for a minute - how often have you wanted to see what something looks like - or how it works - before you've gone out and bought it?

It's funny because when I first heard about this resource, the first thing I thought about were tradespeople.

How many of you Tradies have done some wonderful work (carpentry, cabinet making, welding - whatever) that would be a fantastic advertisement for your business and the best you can do when someone asks you to show them your work is pull up a photo of the job on your phone?

Why not use that same phone to video record the whole job and then stick that video up on YouTube so that anyone who wants to see your work has access to it?

This is just one example of how powerful videos can be - and how easy it is to video your work with that little computer in your pocket (which some of us know as phones!!!) - to promote and market your business.

Go and get The Ultimate YouTube SEO Cheat-Sheet now and start driving your business to greater levels of success.

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