29 Jun 2017

We Have An Excuse For Being Away For So Long!!! LOL

It has been a while between blog posts hasn't it?

We do have our reasons - we have been working away madly in the background to make the BookPals product so much easier for you to use.

Oh - and guess what else we've done?


Yep, we've been talking about it for years now and earlier this week we signed off on the iPhone app that is going to make your business bookkeeping SO MUCH EASIER!!!

As with all phone apps, we are in the process of getting it approved through the App Store at the moment, so while we are waiting, I wanted to show you it in anticipation of it's release so that you can see just how much easier it is going to be to do your business bookkeeping.

Ok, so have a look at this and tell me what you think -

Pretty complex ah?!!! LOL

The image above is what a receipt looks like once it has been captured by your BookPals Phone App.

Oh - and just so you can see how hard it is to get to this point, here's how you do it -

First of all you have the good old BookPals icon on your phone -

And once you click on this, you see this -

Really complex ah?!!! I won't insult your intelligence by explaining to you how you log in to your account but once you do, you'll see this -

You swipe left to process your first receipt (just like it says) and this is what you'll see -

If you've just walked out of a place where you've purchased something you might have the receipt in your hand, but it may be a receipt that you have already taken a photo of earlier in the day - choose Camera if you want to take a picture now, or Gallery if you have already photographed your receipt and after you have done so we are back to here (needless to say I had a crumpled fuel receipt in my pocket as I am often prone to do!!! LOL) -

Once again, I won't insult your intelligence by stepping through the very "complex" details that you have to enter (LOL) except to quickly mention the one near the bottom that says Account Type: because we don't expect you to remember all your income and expense accounts - we can't remember ours so why should you have to remember all of yours?

This is why we've already got them stored there for you!!!

See - all your accounts are there for you and it's simply a matter of scrolling through them until you find the right one and once this is done, hit the Save button and it's ready to go -

Ok, once this is done, you can add more receipts by Swiping right and adding another receipt just like this -

and once you're done, then it's time to send them over to your BookPals account.

Here's how you do that - you have your list of receipts that you have just added using your phone app (there's only the one in this example - I don't horde my receipts - I get them in and out of the way as quickly as possible) -

You can give them a quick check if you like to make sure that you haven't uploaded the wrong receipt (it happens) and if you have, you can delete receipts by clicking on the Delete All button, or if you have a couple of receipts there and only want to get rid of one, do it this way -

Just swipe to the left and delete the one receipt - either way is dead easy.

The same goes for sending them to your BookPals account - you can send your receipts off using the Send All To BookPals button, or send each one off on it's own by swiping left and doing each one individually if that's what floats your boat.

You've probably noticed the little red Not Uploaded notice under the Tax section of the receipt above - that's telling you that you haven't sent this receipt to your BookPals account yet but after you've sent your receipts off to your BookPas account that prompt changes to Uploaded and looks like this -

And you even get notification that your receipts are on their way to your BookPals account -

Once you've done all this - which, by the way, takes about 60 seconds to do - you're done with your bookkeeping and can get back to doing what's most important to you because your receipts are now in your BookPals account waiting for tax time and there's nothing more for you to do with them.

We promised that we were going to give you the easiest to use bookkeeping solution out there - have we kept our promise?

Oh - and all of you Android phone users - don't fret because we are in the process of making you a phone app as well.

Stay tuned for more info on that -------